Information duvet covers

    Important to know when you will purchase a duvet cover

    Duvet cover sets are available in many different qualities, the Vandyck crossing sets are all made of cotton. However, the quality of the cotton determines how soft and soft a duvet cover feels.


    Cotton is a fabric that feels airy and ventilates well. Ideal for a great night's sleep and a good moisture absorption. Cotton duvet covers are available in different qualities. In principle, the same fiber is used for each type of cotton. Small differences in the process from cotton fiber to yarn and different weaving techniques determine what kind of cotton it ultimately is.

    Combed cotton

    With combed cotton loose fibers and irregularities are removed, resulting in a smoother and more even yarn. The combed yarns are finer, stronger, softer and smoother than regular (not combed) cotton.

    Percale cotton

    The addition of the term percale or percal has to do with the weaving technique. The number of counts indicates how many threads per inch are woven. The more counts, the finer the yarns and the higher the quality of the fabric. The term percal or percale may only be used when more than 200 counts per inch have been woven. That means a high weave density and therefore always a good quality.

    Satin cotton

    The addition of the term satin also has to do with the weaving technique. With this technique, yarns are woven very close together, making the fabric very smooth and soft. Satin cotton always has at least 200 counts. The bottom of the fabric is dull, but the top gets a nice shine and a luxurious look through this weaving technique. Satin cotton always has a high quality.

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